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 producer / engineer
Tom reeves

award winning music production

•production shows
•artists or groups
•guest entertainers
•worship packages
•corporate meetings
•product launches
•movie scores

Partial client list:
•Celebrity Cruises Productions
•Effy Jewelry/Princess Cruises
•Sight & Sound Theaters
•Opryland Entertainment
•Dollywood Entertainment
•Gary Musick Productions
•POET Theatricals
•Jean Ann Ryan
•Word Entertainment
•Brentwood / Benson 
•The Imperials

•Continentals Global Foundation

A part of :
•multiple Golden Ticket Awards
•multiple Brass Ring Awards  
•Silver & Gold Magellan Awards
•Emmy Awards
•Multiple DOVE nominations
•Critics Choice Award
•Global Travelers Award
•Dolly's Imagination Library
•The Imperials
•Roger Breland and Truth

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Music Production by Tom Reeves

Tom,  what you've brought to the Celebrity Cruises shows is magnificent.  

The depth of each score is remarkable. You should be proud of the work and artistry.


Eric Bohus-former Director of Entertainment

Celebrity Cruises









If you want your soundtracks and musical arrangements executed perfectly, on time, and on budget, Tom Reeves is the source.

Tom has become a valued member of our creative team for our projects and has always exceeded our expectations.


Michael McPherson-President

POET Theatricals








The fact that Tom & his team adapted everything they what WE wanted at Sight & Sound

is something I'll never forget.


Jeff Bender....Director, Sight & Sound Theatres  



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Tom's Story...............    lead producer / engineer / musician


Tom's career began as a local musician in Wichita, KS with years of experience in a diverse music scene.  This eventually led him to groups like the Continental Singers and the legendary touring group, TRUTH.  Tom is a "Distinguished Alumni" from Friends University with a Bachelors degree in Music Education. Following graduation, Tom moved to Nashville and toured for a decade as the drummer for the renowned CCM group, The Imperials.  The group that toured with ELVIS, won four Grammy awards & thirteen Dove awards leading the Christian music industry into a new and groundbreaking era.  By 1988, Tom had performed in over 5000 live shows/concerts all over the world. 

As Tom transitioned into the studio world in 1987 and added audio engineering to his skill set, he quickly became a trusted Nashville producer/engineer with the reputation of seeing and hearing the "big picture".  Tom has logged thousands of hours in the studio heavily focused on themed entertainment, the Christian music industry and solo artist projects.


Extensive Pro Tools use, mixing, vocal tuning, sound design, project management, music production AND drumming are some of the everyday hats that Tom wears to create master recordings for his clients. As a Nashville studio owner, his clients benefit from a highly evolved studio with plenty of room to record live drums, real piano, B3, brass, vocals, or live strings....all with the best Nashville talent and software tools available.  

Some of Tom's career highlights in the studio include:

  • lead music producer for Sight & Sound's show....SAMSON

  • co-music producer / mixer for multi Grammy winners...The Imperials 2023 EP

  • lead music producer for the Celebrity Cruises APEX 

  • lead engineer, musician, & contractor for over 100 theatrical production shows

  • lead music producer for all five Celebrity Cruises "Solstice" Class ships

  • lead engineer / mixer for Dolly Parton's "I Believe in You" (Sony release)

  • lead engineer & recording vendor for The Gary Musick Company

  • producer / engineer for over 600 titles for

  • lead producer for over 1500 Right Trax titles for Word Music

  • lead recording engineer for Opryland Entertainment

  • lead recording engineer for Dollywood Entertainment 

  • recording-production vendor for The Brentwood-Benson Co.

  • lead music producer on 5 cruise shows for Jean Ann Ryan Productions

  • recording-production vendor for the famous....Smokey Mountain Opry 


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